What do Young Scientists do in the Oregon Homeschool Science Club?


Science Classes are held on Tuesdays for 24 weeks of the school year.

Science Labs are private classes held around OMSI, taught by OMSI Science Educators, and assisted by Oregon Homeschool Science Parent Volunteers.

The sequence design allows students to experience six branches of science throughout the grade levels; Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Earth, Astronomy, and STEM. We include some repeat of classes between levels to develop depth in key skill and concept areas.

Science  is about repetition, searching for the variables, replication, and new discovery. We hope you find a series of classes that support your homeschooling curriculum.

Science Classes

Each term begins with Science Assembly, followed by 10 weeks of classes, and ends with Final Science Film

Discovery Science (K/1st)

Assorted Science Classes: Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Earth, Biology, Technology, Anatomy, and one dissection

Beginning Science (1st/2nd graders)   

Four 5 week blocks of science courses–Astronomy/Physics/Earth Science/Chemistry

Exploration Science   (1-3rd grade)                       

Assorted Science Classes: Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Earth, Biology, Technology, Anatomy, and one dissection

Intermediate Science  (3rd/4th graders)  

Four 5 week blocks of science courses: Astronomy, Physics/Earth Science, Chemistry

Advanced  Science  (5-7th grade)

Four 5 week blocks of science courses: Life Science/Earth Science/Chemistry/Astronomy

Food Science — Spring (5-8th grade)

Class titles: What is food, building blocks, additives, ecosystems, soil science, agriculture technology, grafting, fermentation/pickling, microbiome, diet deconstruction.

Designing Our World — Fall (5-8th grade)

Integrating the various branches of science to solve real world science issues and learning about the science careers and training required for these jobs.

Middle School Challenge (7-9th grades)

Fall Biology (10 weeks) and Spring Chemistry (10 weeks), plus assemblies and films.



Architecture/Engineering  (3-5th grades)

Fall — Architecture and Engineering ; Spring — STEM Assorted classes

Design Technology (5th-8th grades)

Fall — STEM assorted classes; Spring — Urban Design

MS/HS STEM Design (7th-9th grades)

Previous Classes included: Electronic Textiles; BioDynamic Challenge; and Shoe Sole Design.  2019-2020 Classes TBA



OHSC program has  been designed to cover topics at an interest and ability level as well as match National Science Standards as much as possible, without compromising the passion and depth that homeschoolers like to cover topics. OHSC classes are not designed to be a completely comprehensive science curriculum from Kindergarten through eight grade.  Families are encouraged to use these courses to compliment their homeschooling curriculum.

To register, check the side bar, Registration Forms. Registration form may be scanned and emailed, but class enrollment is pending until OHSC $25 Membership Fee is received.

*Discounted Full Year Tuition is non-refundable. The discount is offered as a benefit to committed families, so that OHSC can reduce costs for accounting and processing. Please choose term or full-year discount wisely as we cannot refund at mid year. Refund for full year tuition is available until August 10th.

Per Term is enrollment is renewable for same class, Fall – Spring, if renewed by December 1st. To switch classes, request alternate class before December 1st to be placed on the waitlist. Refunds for term classes are available until Fall — August 10th, or Spring — December 10th.


Class Times:  10:00 | 11:15 | 1:00 

Fall Term:
Sept. 18th/19/20th Outdoor School

Sept. 24th Opening Science Assembly

Oct. 1st – Dec. 17th Science Classes

Spring Term:
Jan. 14th Spring Science Assembly

Jan. 21st Science Classes – April 14th

Spring Break:

March 24th and March 31st (Oregon and Washington Breaks)

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry 

1945 SE Water Ave.
Portland, Oregon

(OMSI direct line, not OHSC homeschool line)